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  • Don´t show too much personal information on virtual public spaces
  • Don´t talk about properties on social status with strangers
  • Change the ways you usually take to go to work, schools and other
  • Don´t share pictures with people you just met


My Family

In my family 30 percenter are married, 30 percenter are divorced and 40 percenter are cohabitants

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Urban legends Venezuela...


After murdering his father, the man was punished with a neck foreman of (typical of the plain), while trying to escape was bitten by a dog Turek, to conclude the punishment his grandfather showered on his wounds lot of hot pepper. The memory and mention of what happened frees people from being attacked by the wandering spirit known as the Eurasian.

The Eurasian is presented in a somber drunks. Other llaneros describe him tall and skinny. Wears a hat and attacks men and drunken revelers, to which the navel sucks pull their liquor.

Tradition says that when it came to a house
in the night hours, unloading the bag and counts his bones one by one, if no one can hear him, a family member dies at dawn.

Another version says it was a son who killed his father to eat their "offal". The boy was raised spoiled, and did not respect anyone. One day he told his father he wanted to eat deer offal . His father went out hunting to please him, but was slow to return. The boy went to look and seeing that his dad could not hunt deer, he killed him, and toke the viscera; brought them to his mother to the cook. She saw no softening, and suspected these were the "innards" of her husband, asking to the son, and he confessed the truth.

I immediately cursed him for life. His brother John followed him with a "foreman," and the dog "tureco" pursues and bites her heels until the end of the world.


There are several fantastic stories about the spirit of la llorona. The elderly residents have the Araucanian savannas. La Llorona converted into the vagabond spirit of a woman carrying a child on her hip, her name refers to vague crying on the roads. Tradition says la llorona is always claiming help to carry the child and the curse resides on the peson who has received it. Other versions say that is the spirit of a jealous woman who killed her mother and set fire to the house with her mother inside, getting from her the curse: "without God and Saint Mary you will li

ve haunting the men on the roads of the plain. " The story also says her face has never seen and she cries of shame and regret for what he did to her family.

The Spirit of La Llorona, transformed into a legend, has accompanied plainsman since ancient times, and her existence has been witnessed by many old "Don Juanes".

Other less believers consider that a it’s belief contrary

to reason, created by adults trying to intimidate or frighten the cowboys who crossed paths searching for a night romance in the savannas. A piece of snuff in his pocket roll prevents the appearance of “la llorona”.


This story is recent, maybe many people it’s already annoyed for such repetitive story that was the theme in various media. The ori

ginal protagonist of this story, Carmen Bracho, who died in 2001. She was recorded in 1997 by his grandson and nephew in one of those many "tantrums" that was the old woman.

In the recording is heard

a whole repertoire, full of expressions widely used by Zulia’s people. The audio spread like wildfire last year in Maracaibo; ringing of phones and a

number of versions, including rap, on compact disc in the flea market and it also had its movie version.


This historic site is one of those places that the people of Maracaibo knows, but little, and I dare say that never have visited. It was built in the eighteenth century and its value is that was the site where the last General Spanish Captain in Venezuela capitulated, after the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo (because of this, the name "House of the Capitulation).

Relatives of those who currently own in the form of bailment (The Academy of History and the Bolivarian Society) claim that in cert

ain times of day and especially at night, wandering ghosts use to call for their souls. They say that these apparitions are slaves and servants, mistreated and even killed in construction during the colonial era. Perhaps if the story was official, the house would have some appeal and would have that it scarce: visits


I think this kind of videos takes us to think about our planet's fate, 'cause we are the ones to blame, in that way, we are the solution to overcome its situation. Let's think abut this.

What is climate change?

Climate change is the greatest environmental threat that humanity faces. Greenpeace is working towards a sustainable energy model, and supports an energy revolution that can reduce CO2 emissions to avoid dangerous climate change and in which the nuclear option is definitely ruled out.